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Super Junior Twitter Update

Via @Heedictator
미국 고고….
TRANS: America Gogo…

Via @ryeong9
다들 새벽에 태풍때문에 잠을 제대로 잤는지들 모르겠당 그래도 힘차게 오늘 하루도 화이팅~!!^^ 미국 잘 다녀올게요~~^^*
TRANS: Not sure if everyone slept well during early morning because of the typhoon, even if that is the case, have to be energetic, today have to hwaiting~!! ^^ Will come back well from America ~~^^*

Via @shfly3424
이제 미국으로 … 콘서트는계속있고 뮤지컬은곧시작이고 .. 시간은없고 … 아무것도집중이안된다 .. 몸은지치고 마음에부담감점점커져만가는구나 … 즐겁게하고싶은데 …
TRANS: Now going America…..The concert will continue and the musical will also start soon….. No time…. Cannot focus well…. The body is tired and there is more stress/ burden keep increasing….. Wanna be happier…..

Credit: @ryeong9, @Heedictator, @shfly3424
Translated by: minoko2440 @
Super Story About Junior


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